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Temporary Legends Charter

Temporary Legends is a small guild made up of friends. Friends in RL, made through the game, or by any other means. We are a small guild with a primary focus on 10man raiding to start off with and hope to be able to do 25 mans with friends. (Whether friends we met pugging or what have you.)

We do raid about 2-4 nights a week. There are no obligations that you must raid or have a certain raid attendance, however, if you do raid we strongly encourage you to focus on one or two characters (preferably different roles: healing, tanking, melee DPS, or ranged DPS) for raiding. The first couple nights a week will have lax restrictions for members learning to raid or needing to gear up and the later nights will have a higher focus on progression.

We do not openly recruit members, nor do we try to persuade people to join us. If anyone is interested in joining Temporary Legends, they must first make friends with someone in the guild and express their interest in joining. At that point in time there will be a post made about the person who wishes to join in our private forums. Everyone in the guild will be able to post anything about the said person for 24-48 hours. The responses will result in whether the person gets invited or not.

Friends and family: Any friends are family that are JUST STARTING WoW or REROLLING on this server will be invited without any questions asked. However, it is up to that member to educate the new friend or family member on the basics of the game. The guild will help where and when they can.

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